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The HELO smart wrist band is a sleek, revolutionary, health and fitness bracelet. Created by and sold exclusively by Wor(l)d Global Network, it is powered by Toshiba’s cutting edge, state-of-the-art advanced chipset for wearable technology.

This is the first fitness band to combine the science of active sensors and incorporate them with the beneficial health effects of natural mineral stones.
Coupled with real time health monitoring, it provides the wearer with continuous health status feedback, 24-7-365.

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Who is it for?  The entire family

Why is it named “HELO”?
HELO stands for Health & Lifestyle Oracle (‘HELO’)

Health and Fitness Monitoring For The Entire Family
The HELO smart wrist band monitors not only heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and sleep quality, but, offers many more total health parameters such as:

• ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)
• Blood Pressure
• Mood Sensor
• Fatigue Sensor
• Remote monitoring of other people’s vital signs
• Germanium semi-conductor stone plates
• Anti-oxidizing Himalayan Salt stone plates
• Provides emergency SOS GPS location for everyone in your family
• A Panic button, with GPS location coordinates
• ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)

This allows you to monitor your entire family’s health, 24-7-365…at your fingertips, right from your own wrist.

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