Fitness Revival

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We’re having a Fitness Revival next week and if you happen to be in our area please come be a part of it……

Fitness Revival
Mt. View Church
5007 Anice Rd.
Charleston, AR 72933
April 22nd-26th

Sunday (Spirtual)
10:50 am Ken Winningham
6:00 pm Jason Kendrick
Monday (Physical)
7:00 pm Devon Dundee
Tuesday ( Mental/Emotional)
7:00 pm Nathon Barlow
Wednesday (Relational)
7:00 pm Mason Polk
Thursday (Financial)
7:00 pm Nick Coleman

We are going to be taking up an offering during the Revival and all of the Pastors are not taking an Honorarium they have chosen to give it to The Young’s Home along with the offering. I’ll be back later to talk about the Young Children’s Home for you that don’t know about this great ministry that is impacting kids life’s.

To Your Fitness
Ken (KenTheFitGuy)