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Your probably wondering what in the world Panko means? Well Panko is this little puppy that entered into our life just before Christmas. It all started with our daughter Karinda and son-in-law Mason wanting to get my wife Karen a puppy for Christmas which I finally coincided to. I’ve asked myself several times in the last few months what in the world was I thinking when I allowed this to happen? I must of went brain dead when I allowed this! It’s been real challenging but also a great blesssing. I’ve actually had several life lessons in the last few months with Panko. I wish that she would have been around when I was dealing with my cancer because I believe it would have been less stressful having her around. I’ll be back soon and share some Panko stories, talk about cancer, God and be discussing our overal physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial and don’t let us forget our spiritual fitness.

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